Nirvair Kaur offers lifestyle consultations for the busy professional who would like to maintain a balanced lifestyle using Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation.  The introductory session involves assessment of the individual’s mind and body constitution or dosha. It also provides an overview of Ayurvedic theory and the interaction of dosha with lifestyle. In the subsequent five sessions, the client will begin a practice to ultimately bring themselves closer to their optimal state of health – including body, mind and spirit.

In Nirvair’s practice, she prescribes Kundalini yoga which incorporates meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques into unique sets and combinations.  She also selects breathing (pranayam) and meditation exercises tailored for the individual’s body and mind.

Finally, Nirvair provides counseling of lifestyle habits. Physical and mental activity levels as well as nutrition are reviewed, and recommendations are made for bringing these parts into balance.

The ultimate goal is to pacify the mind, balance the body, and release the soul.  Let the ultimate you shine through!

Is counseling right for you?  It can help if you are:

  • Feeling well, but need a little jumpstart to make some changes
  • Motivated to make change in your life and would like to sustain it
  • Are excited to try Ayurveda, yoga and meditation techniques
  • Want to create a daily or weekly practice of exercises and meditation
  • Committed to carving out time to take care of yourself

Introductory Session – $125 for 50 minutes.  Inquire for pricing on additional sessions.

Follow-Up Sessions – Booked by 5 sessions, Please Inquire: contact Nirvair Kaur

Consultations are based in New York, NY.