Mental Medicine is a novel that follows a character through her journey with creativity and mental illness.  The book’s heroine Greta Vole offers us a courageous glance of her life in the cubicle, the search for creative freedom and relentless pursuit of experiences that will nourish her soul. We look forward to sharing this story with you and hopes that it encourages you in finding a life that is full and free.

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“The connections and parallels to my own life were comforting and inspiring. This humanizing and eccentric story of seeking to balance modern professionalism with discovering and honoring one’s spiritual purpose is a well-appreciated wink along my own path.”

– Lauren, LA, CA

Who should read this book?

If you long for a life that balances creativity, mental illness and the human pursuits of earning a living, paying your bills, etc.  then please read on.  The mind can take us to great depths, both exalted and dark, and Greta works on finding a happy medium to it all. When you feel you may be alone in your journey towards peace of mind, let the adventures of Greta light your way.

What does insights does it offer about mental illness?

It’s true that art imitates life, and Greta struggles to maintain her mental health while also looking to express her creativity.  Every person struggling with mental illness needs understanding and compassion as they navigate the road between staying true to themselves and managing their symptoms.  Greta’s journey gives inspiration and validation to anyone who feels misunderstood or marginalized for their condition.  She brings strength,  perseverance and optimism to everything she goes through.   Greta is an inspiring character indeed!