Nirvair Kaur


Nirvair Kaur is an Author, Scientist, Professional Yoga Instructor, and Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor.
She holds a Master of Science degree in watershed science. Nirvair developed a professional interest in alternative medicine after she attended classes and experienced the profound rejuvenating and calming effects of yogic techniques on the nervous system. Several years later, Nirvair Kaur completed training and became certified as a Professional Yoga Instructor with the Kundalini Research Institute. She continued her yoga education to specialize in children’s needs, and was trained as a Children’s Yoga Instructor through the Radiant Child Teacher Program. For several years Nirvair ran her own Children’s Yoga program where she taught postures, breathing and meditation to kids ages 5-12 years. Ms. Kaur is certified as an Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor by the Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda in California. She uses her knowledge of yogic science and Ayurveda to help individuals attain a balanced lifestyle and improve their overall health and well-being.

Recent Projects:

Nirvair Kaur recently wrote and narrated a TED-Education video presentation called “How Breathing Works.”

This 5-minute video educates about the physiological and emotional components of breathing. The target audience is high school to college age young adults. TED-Ed is an international You-Tube program affiliated with TED Talks, a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas in the areas of Technology, Entertainment and Design.


Future Projects:

Nirvair Kaur is working on a televised program for children, which focuses
on healthy lifestyle and positive attitude. The show brings a much-needed
approach to education that teaches strong self-identity, wellness and inner
confidence through humor, art and imagination. The skills taught will serve
as a foundation for kids to make positive life decisions now and in the future.
The ultimate goal is to create a global network of children that stay healthy
and happy, serve as leaders in their community and promote non-violent,
peaceful governance worldwide.