Sheila Lewis

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Sheila Lewis, Meditation and Writing coach, writer, editor, and tutor, has taught adults and children in non-formal educational settings, for over ten years.

She is co-author with Sheldon Lewis of a pioneering classic for parents and professionals, Stress-proofing Your Child  (Bantam Books, 1996), and recently co-authored with Barbara Neiman (PESI Publishing) a mind-body strategies card deck. Sheila has also written educational curricula, children’s stories and articles, grants, and handbooks and website content for Girl Scouts of the USA, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Knowledge Project, and other organizations. Passionate about helping writers write with clarity and insight, Sheila coaches individuals, leads creativity workshops and a monthly writing and meditation group. She holds an MA in Educational Media from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a BFA in Fine Arts from Boston University. Since the early 1980s, she has studied and practiced yoga-based meditation, Reiki, and integrative systems of health, and served as the Education and Assistant Director of one of New York City’s first holistic health centers, Waters of Life.


Classes and Workshops:

Daily and Saturday afternoon Meditation classes since 2005 at Manhattan Jewish Community Center’s Makom Center of Spirituality:
1. “Shabbat R&R,” contemplative Jewish practices.

  1. “Life and Job Transition with Joy and Purpose,” creative visualization, mind mapping, positive psychology and affirmations, writing, yoga, meditation and other techniques, to support people through major and minor life transitions.
  2. “Meditation for Parents of Young Children.”
  3. “Meditation for Young People with Special Needs.” As a parent of a young adult on the autism spectrum, Sheila has adapted and developed many emotional and behavioral interventions and practices to meet complex needs, and has been a parent advocate for OPWD (Office of People with Disabilities).